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A 10 Week Course Thursday’s 6.30-8.30pm

10 Week Course Thursday’s 6.30-8.30pm

In this course we introduce you to the stock market, company research techniques, technical analysis and investment strategies. We will help you to create your own individual investment plan depending on your financial goals and risk tolerance. We also cover a module on pensions where we show you how you can manage your own self administered pension. This course is very interactive as you will also set up a simulated trading account where you can begin practising what you have learned. 

This course would be ideal for anyone wishing to gain an insight into how financial markets work. We will introduce you to equities, options and ETF’s along with teaching you strategies for protecting your capital investment

Basics of Investing

  • Psychology of investing
  • Entering trades online
    • Market Order
    • Stop Limit
    • Stop Market
    • Limit Order
    • Trailing Stop
    • Order Sends Order
    • Order Cancels Order
    • Contingent Orders
    • Good Till Cancel Duration
  • Risk Management
    • Diversification
    • Asset Allocation
  • Creating an Investment Strategy
  • Creating a plan based on Compounding returns

Fundamental Analysis of stocks

  • Finding a quality stock using a value line report
    • Industry Rank
    • Valueline Ranking of Timeliness
    • Valueline Ranking of Safety
    • Beta (volatility of a stock vs the stock market)
    • Earnings
    • Revenue
    • Debt
    • Management
  • Finding a good price on a quality stock using a value line report
    • Current Price
    • Dividends
    • Value Line estimated price appreciation over 3 to 5 years
    • Revenues vs. Earnings
    • P/E Ratio
    • Buy/Sell Range
      • Buy Range
      • Hold Range
      • Sell Range
    • Reward / Risk Ratio

Technical Analysis

  • Using charting software and setting up indicators
  • Looking at short term (daily), mid term (weekly) and long term (monthly) charts
  • Using Early analysis indicators (MACD, Stochastics, and RSI)
  • Using current analysis indicators (moving averages and Bollinger Bands)
  • Finding Resistance and Support
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Drawing on charts to see the trends


  • What is an ETF
  • Diversification through ETF’s
  • How to enter trades
  • How to find underlying stocks in an ETF and using Valueline ETF rankings
  • Expenses on ETF’s
  • Trading Commodities using ETF’s
  • Trading Forex using ETF’s


  • How to use a pension to minimize taxes
  • Types of pensions (Defined Contribution or Defined Benefit)
  • PPP’s, PRSA’s and AVC’s
  • Current limits and maximum tax free withdrawal


  • What are options
  • How to find them on your trading screen
  • Uses of options
  • Option strategies
  • P/L Diagrams
  • Option Basics 


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